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NBA Live Mobile -  Have you seen the Booster packs yet?

Boosters are packs from the NBA Live Mobile store that help players with the Summer Courts program. Completing Summer Courts related activities is one way of earning reset tickets so these packs are definitely worth checking out.

The Summer Courts Elite Booster pack costs 500 NBA cash and contains one elite player from the program. The card is guaranteed to have at least 85 OVR. There is a pack available for each Summer Courts arena. The Venice Beach Court Elite Booster pack has one elite Venice Beach player whose OVR is at least 91. The Seattle Court pack offers one 91+ OVR elite Seattle player. One of the most well-known basketball courts from Chicago, the Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park, is part of the four summer arenas. This pack has one guaranteed 91 or better OVR elite player. Just like the previous three packs, the Brooklyn Court pack also comes with an elite player that has at least 91 OVR. Each one of these packs cost 1,000 NBA cash. 

Two Boosters packs that cost 100 NBA cash each give players a good opportunity to acquire collectibles. The Seattle Collectible pack has 20 Seattle collectibles. Players need this special program token to obtain more basketball player cards and to unlock the better version of the Seattle Boss card. A similar pack is available for those who lack Chicago collectibles. For 100 NBA cash, players are able to get their hands on 40 Chicago collectibles. These are used in upgrade sets that reward the final version of the Chicago Boss player card. If players are looking for Summer Cred collectibles, they can obtain 10 of them in exchange for 100 NBA cash when buying the Summer Cred booster pack. One Boosters bundle that contains multiple collectible packs can be bought for 1,000 NBA cash. This is called the Collectible Booster bundle and contains three Seattle collectibles packs, three Chicago collectibles packs, and three Summer Cred booster packs.  

So are you interested in this Booster packs? And the NBA Live 18 have been released, have you bought this new version? If you do we will offer more tips to help you get NBA Live 18 coins cheap online.